LCSI offers a wide variety of accessories that will help improve the overall function of your project. The accessories below can be sold separately or as part of our fabricated liners. 

Ballast Tubes

Ballast tubes provide weight for various projects such as lined ponds, baffle curtains, and floating covers. Ballast tubes can be fabricated out of reinforced polypropylene, hypalon, and XR®-5, and in a variety of diameters and lengths. LCSI's ballast tubes can be filled in-shop or left open to be filled on-site.

Pipe Boots

Pipe boots provide a secure seal around piping. They can be customized to fit any diameter pipe and match any slope or angle. LCSI fabricates pipe boot seals from PVC, reinforced polypropylene, XR®-5, and hypalon, and keeps some sizes in stock, reducing wait times for our customers.

Batten Bars

Batten bars are designed to secure fabricated liners to surfaces such as concrete, steel, and wood. Generally, the material is either stainless steel or aluminum, although galvanized batten bars can also be provided. LCSI can punch batten bars on any centers, and offers a variety of hole styles and sizes.

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