Aims Community College

Customer Need

Aims Community College, located in Greeley, Colorado, wanted to increase their irrigation water storage capacity by reshaping and lining an existing pond on campus. After years of waiting, the project was approved and ground breaking commenced in January 2015.

Containment Solution

Lange was awarded the project at Aims Community College. The original design called for the use of a geocomposite drainage layer under and over the liner, but Lange Containment Systems’ experienced team knew that project access and design implications would pose a risk of possible damage to the PVC liner. This was brought to the attention of the project engineer, who later changed the specifications to exclude the geocomposite and substitute non-woven geotextile at our recommendation. Our team proceeded with fabricating a 30 mil. PVC lining system accompanied by an 8 oz. non-woven geotextile placed on top of the liner.

The installation was complicated by late Colorado spring snow and had to be rescheduled on a few occasions. Once weather was no longer an issue, the Lange Containment Systems crew fully installed the 155,712 sq. ft. of 30 mil PVC and geotextile in just three days. LCSI met deadlines and time frames given by the owners and general contractor and exceeded their expectations. The project was completed in June 2015 and the pond is now successfully holding water--plus the campus lawns are looking greener than ever. Thank you to all involved for making the project a success!

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