Palau Semakau Landfill

Customer Need

The Semakau Landfill is Singapore's first and only landfill situated offshore among the southern islands of Singapore. It was designed to replace a facility nearing capacity. The Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, along with the National Environment Agency, manages the landfill. An extremely durable liner was needed so that waste from the landfill would not leak and damage nearby marine life.

Containment Solution

Lange Containment Systems Inc. was awarded the project to fabricate the liner for the first ocean-based landfill. During the design phase it was determined that the high-strength reinforcement and seams of XR®-5 would be able to withstand the constant abuse from the salt water ocean on one side and the landfill system on the other side.

Seaman Corporation’s XR®-5 liner was chosen to provide protection for the ocean, and LCSI was selected to do 100% of the XR®-5 fabrication. To speed installation and raise quality assurance, the XR®-5 was factory-fabricated into large panels.

While fabricating the 7.3 million square feet liner, LCSI maintained high quality and production, and met all shipping schedules and deadlines on time. Every seam produced for this project was tested in-house at Lange’s QA/QC laboratory, as well as double-checked by Seaman Corporation and on-site inspectors for the Singapore government.

Special care was taken to ensure that the landfill wastes would not contaminate the pristine ocean waters which surround Singapore by ensuring the integrity of the impermeable liner. The ocean made installation challenging, but the XR®-5 is in place and performing perfectly, proof positive that LCSI’s fabrication of the appropriate product can solve even the most difficult containment problems.

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