Shasta Lake

Customer Need

Shasta Lake, located just north of Redding, California, USA, was experiencing issues when almost an entire generation of Chinook salmon died. The Bureau of Reclamation soon realized that the water flowing from Shasta Lake to the Sacramento River was warmer than usual. Endangered fish and fish eggs were dying because they are meant to live in colder water. The Bureau of Reclamation knew it needed a solution and contacted Lange Containment Systems Inc. (LCSI) to help remedy the problem.

Containment Solution

A baffle curtain system was proposed to prohibit warm water from flowing into the Sacramento River. LCSI’s containment solution would allow only cold water to pass through, helping to protect the fish population. LCSI was awarded the project and quickly got to work.

LCSI provided five large 45 mil reinforced Hypalon baffle curtains. The baffle curtains measure over 43 feet wide and 54 feet long. Once the order was received, it took approximately one week to complete fabrication. Less than two weeks later, the baffle curtains were installed and ready for use. Now, cold water is flowing into the Sacramento River, giving the endangered salmon a healthy habitat. LCSI was able to respond quickly, while still fabricating a high-quality product. 

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