Salt Lake City Airport

Customer Need

In preparation for the onslaught of visitors attending the 2002 Winter Olympics, the Salt Lake City International Airport was humming with activity. One of the main infrastructure improvements was the implementation of a collection, storage, and recycling system for aircraft de-icing fluids. Ethylene glycol, the major component of deicing fluid, can be problematic as a run-off pollutant. In addition, Salt Lake City International Airport wanted to control odor and protect waterfowl from open ponds. The airport and its consulting engineer, CH2M Hill, required a design/build plan for three impoundments consisting of liners and floating totaling roughly 654,000 square feet.

Containment Solution

Lange Containment Systems Inc. was selected to design the project using XR®-5 8130 geomembrane from Seaman Corporation. The floating cover design incorporates a rain water collection system with an active pumping and discharge piping system, as well as maintenance walkways and access hatches.

Using large prefabricated panels and shop-customized components, LCSI completed the lining and floating cover system installation on schedule. LCSI successfully met the challenge of providing a low-profile, economical containment system that will protect the surrounding eco-systems for years to come.

LCSI received an Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) Award of Excellence for the Salt Lake City International Airport deicing fluid storage and recycling ponds.

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