Zortman/Landusky Mine Reclamation

Customer Need

Zortman/Landusky Mine is part of a historic mining district in north-central Montana, USA. The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) jointly oversees reclamation of Zortman/Landusky mine in
co-operation with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The Zortman/Landusky mine needed three new 11 million gallon lined ponds to treat the gold heap-leach pad solution.

Containment Solution

Spectrum Engineering, the BLM’s engineer, oversees the 1,200 acre Zortman and Landusky gold mines under contract to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality. Spectrum Engineering, which has used Lange Containment Systems Inc. since 1999, awarded LCSI the Zortman/Landusky Mine Reclamation project.

LCSI fabricated and installed approximately 350,000 square feet of 45 mil reinforced polypropylene geomembrane and 12 oz. geotextile underlayment for this project. Each treatment pond also contained 28 sand-filled ballast tubes and 28 berm vents.  

Within just one month of being awarded the project, LCSI was on-site completing the installation of prefabricated panels into the treatment ponds. After the liner was installed, but before water was added, 60+ mph heavy winds tore one of the three pond liners. Because LCSI is committed to customer satisfaction, we immediately dispatched a four-person crew back to the site to assist Spectrum Engineering with repairs and absorbed 100% of the cost of the patching effort (even though we were not responsible for the damages). 

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“I would highly recommend Lange Containment Systems for any size liner or pond job. They give you 110% effort at a very reasonable price.” William C. Maehl, PEng & Co-owner, Spectrum Engineering