LCSI provides trusted containment solutions to help oil and gas producers conserve water and minimize environmental impacts. Our products are specially designed to safely contain water with various chemical compositions—including flammable or combustible liquids—making them perfect for oil pits and frac tanks to contain spills and leaks. We also provide a multitude of containment solutions for the mining industry.

Advantages of liners in the energy industry

LCSI’s products provide many benefits to the energy industry:

  • Ensure compliance with government and environmental regulations
  • Prevent the evaporation of surface water so that it can be reused
  • Mitigate harmful emissions being released into the environment
  • Minimize risk and maximize safety of onsite workers and wildlife
  • Prevent freezing of stored liquids

Our custom liners are reinforced for reliable containment of potentially hazardous wastewaters and for secondary containment of hydrocarbons. Instead of a costly tank replacement, geomembrane linings for tank interiors can provide an inexpensive retrofit. Our floating covers are the perfect solution for fume and odor reduction.

Applications of liners in the energy industry

  • Fracing and drilling pit liners
  • Transformer pads
  • Secondary containment liners
  • Tank liners
  • Fire water retention ponds
  • Brine pond liners
  • Wind farms
  • Leachate pond liners
  • Water filtration ponds
  • Mining applications
  • Fly ash pond liners
  • Brownfield/industrial site remediation
  • Floating covers
  • Treatment pond liners
  • Baffle curtains

Contact us to discuss how our containment solutions can help ensure you are building energy resources in an environmentally responsible manner.