Recreational and Decorative

While many of LCSI’s products serve a practical purpose such as containing hazardous materials, others are made purely for recreational or aesthetic purposes. Landscape contractors, golf course architects, water parks, and ski hills are just some examples of this. Our customers range from private property owners to large businesses looking to beautify surrounding infrastructure with LCSI's liner solutions. 

Advantages of recreational and decorative liners

  • Enhanced landscape design
  • Added serenity to outdoor settings
  • Increased property value

Applications for recreational and decorative liners

  • Golf course lakes and ponds
  • Ski parks (snow making pond liners)
  • Wakeboard and waterski parks
  • Hunting and fishing lodge surroundings
  • Water features and aquascapes
  • Backyard waterfalls, streams, and ponds

Contact us to discuss how our liners can beautifully landscape your property and/or contribute to outdoor activities.