LCSI’s containment specialists have worked on projects all over the world in a wide variety of applications. This experience has helped shape our industry knowledge so we can confidently advise our customers of the best containment liner option.

We primarily service the following industries:
Energy (Oil, Gas, Mining)

Because LCSI can custom fabricate containment liners based on size, type of liquid to be stored, climate, and required longevity, every containment solution we create is designed exactly for your unique needs. This saves time in the field and avoids wasted materials, which ultimately saves money on your project.

A large black tarp on top of a hill.
A large metal structure sitting on top of a roof.


LCSI provides trusted containment solutions to help oil and gas producers conserve water and minimize environmental impacts. Our products are specially designed to safely contain water with various chemical compositions—including flammable or combustible liquids—making them perfect for oil pits and frac tanks to contain spills and leaks. We also provide a multitude of containment solutions for the mining industry.

Advantages of Liners in the Energy Industry

LCSI’s products provide many benefits to the energy industry:

  • Ensure compliance with government and environmental regulations
  • Prevent the evaporation of surface water so that it can be reused
  • Mitigate harmful emissions being released into the environment
  • Minimize risk and maximize the safety of on-site workers and wildlife
  • Prevent freezing of stored liquids

Our custom liners are reinforced for reliable containment of potentially hazardous wastewater and for secondary containment of hydrocarbons. Instead of a costly tank replacement, geomembrane linings for tank interiors can provide an inexpensive retrofit. Our floating covers are the perfect solution for fume and odor reduction.

A man standing next to an electrical box.
A large metal structure sitting in the middle of a field.

Applications of Liners in the Energy Industry

  • Fracking and drilling pit liners
  • Transformer pads
  • Secondary containment liners
  • Tank liners
  • Firewater retention ponds
  • Brine pond liners
  • Wind farms
  • Leachate pond liners
  • Water filtration ponds
  • Mining applications
  • Fly ash pond liners
  • Brownfield/industrial site remediation
  • Floating covers
  • Treatment pond liners
  • Baffle curtains


Water is a key ingredient for the farming and aquaculture industries. Whether it’s used to irrigate plants or quench the thirst of animals, farmers and gardeners of all kinds rely on a steady source of water for their crops and livestock.

LCSI offers many containment liner solutions to help support the cultivation of plants, animals, fish, and fungi, as well as other natural products such as fibers and biofuels.

A tank is in the middle of an empty field.
A view of some water and several large tanks.

Advantages of Agriculture and Aquaculture Liners

• Provides safe water, fertilizer, and pesticide storage
• Increases and improves wildlife habitats
• Captures sediment and filters contaminants
• Decreases run-off and maximizes water reuse capacity
• Formulated to be environmentally friendly, durable, and long-lasting
• NSF/ANSI Standard 61 approved materials for potable water applications
• Custom fabricated liners to our clients’ needs

Applications for Agriculture and Aquaculture Liners

  • Primary and secondary containment liners for fuels and fertilizers
  • Irrigation pond liners
  • Water reclamation
  • Canal liners
  • Hay and field covers
  • Truck and trailer tarps
  • Manure lagoon liners
  • Waste pond liners
  • Floating covers for ag tanks
  • Stormwater collection
  • Algae harvesting support ponds
  • Fish farms/hatcheries
  • Weed and root barriers
  • Hydroponics
A pipe is connected to the water surface.
Two elephants in a field near water and mountains.


While many of LCSI’s products serve a practical purpose, such as containing hazardous materials, others are made purely for recreational or aesthetic purposes. Landscape contractors, golf course architects, water parks, and ski hills are just some examples of this. Our customers range from private property owners to large businesses looking to beautify surrounding infrastructure with LCSI's liner solutions.

Advantages of Recreational and Decorative Liners

  • Enhanced landscape design
  • Added serenity to outdoor settings
  • Increased property value
A view of some water and trees from above.
A large pond in the middle of a forest.

Applications for Recreational and Decorative Liners

  • Golf course lakes and ponds
  • Ski parks (snow-making pond liners)
  • Wakeboard and waterski parks
  • Hunting and fishing lodge surroundings
  • Water features and aquascapes
  • Backyard waterfalls, streams, and ponds


The industrial sector produces a wide range of products that contribute to our everyday quality of life. Lange can help support this vital industry by providing reliable containment liners for all types of potable water and wastewater applications. We primarily service municipalities, food processors, pulp and paper mills, other mills and factories, as well as those in the mining, oil, and natural gas industries.

A view of an industrial area with many water tanks.
A man in an orange hard hat is working on his laptop.

Advantages of Industrial Liners

  • Safely contain liquids with any chemical composition
  • Improves disinfection of water—meets NSF/ANSI Standard 61 requirements for potable water
  • Improves handling of wastewater by increasing treatment time
  • Prevent stagnant zones in reservoirs
  • Conserve water and protect groundwater

Applications for Industrial Liners

  • Water and wastewater lagoon liners
  • Wastewater treatment plant tank liners and covers
  • Potable water applications
  • Vapor barriers and tarps
  • Baffle curtains
  • Canal liners
A large body of water with many pipes in it
A large concrete slab with three large tanks.


Regardless of the size of your city, town, or village, containment solutions are needed to help maintain municipal services. LCSI fabricates and installs several types of dependable liners to help support the everyday activities that keep municipalities running smoothly and consistently. For instance, our containment liner solutions can increase landfill capacity and provide leak protection against solid waste, which helps safeguard the environment and the community.

Advantages of Municipal Liners

  • The liner material is durable against precipitation, sun, wind, and fluctuating temperatures
  • Promotes water conservation
  • Protects the environment and complies with regulations
  • Contains dangerous leachates from seeping into the ground and water supply
A large pool of water in the middle of an area.
A large pool of water near a dirt field.

Applications for Municipal Liners

  • Landfill liners
  • Leachate pond liners
  • Secondary containment of fuel and deicing fluid at airports
  • Irrigation pond liners
  • Canal liners
  • Dam liners
  • Baffle curtains
  • Water features
  • Waterproofing planters
  • Waterproofing bridge abutments
  • Media filter bed liners
  • Wastewater and water treatment pond liners and covers
  • Industrial reclamation/brownfield sites

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