Transformers and substations help generate, modify, and distribute electricity. If a transformer pad or substation is not contained, leaking mineral oil can penetrate the ground, causing an environmental hazard. By lining a transformer pad or substation, the ground is safe from any mineral oil. LCSI’s geomembrane liners are durable enough to last and, in some cases, can be installed within a day or two, weather permitting.

Fully contained substation applications can require a great deal of detail work. Fitting the liner to concrete walls, pads, and pipe stands can be a challenge. LCSI prefabricates corner units, sumps, and pipe boots to reduce installation time on-site and ensure the best possible end product for the owner. LCSI can also provide/install Petro-Barriers to allow rainwater to drain through special pipes that capture and contain oil in case of a spill or leak.

A large area of ground that has been covered with black fabric.
A man standing next to a large building on top of dirt.

Advantages of Transformer Pads

  • Protects ground from contamination
  • All field seams are tested during installation for integrity
  • Reduce the requirement to pump out rain and snow melt after storms

Applications for Transformer Pads

• Transformer Pads
• Substations
• Temporary generators/skid-mounted generators

Contact LCSI today to discuss how our liners can help with transformer and substation containment.

A walkway with black fabric on the ground.