Lange Containment Systems Inc., based in Colorado, USA, is committed to providing superior customer service—regardless of project scope or dollars spent. We give all our customers the attention they deserve. To us, this means using only the very best materials during fabrication and using the utmost care during installation.


LCSI uses all North American-made liner materials and precision fabrication practices to make long-lasting, quality products. We can make panels of virtually any size, thanks to our large fabrication shop. We are especially proud of the custom liner work we can do to make our customers’ lives easier. Customization allows our customers to save time and money, and our quality assurance measures ensure seams are strong and the material is puncture-resistant.

Installation and Support

LCSI employs technicians certified by the International Association of Geosynthetic Installers (IAGI). Many of our installations are in the Western United States (Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas). However, as a global company, we have completed projects all across the USA, South America, Central America, Asia—even Antarctica.

Because we also offer out-of-the-box containment solutions, LCSI provides its customers with step-by-step instructions to make installations as straightforward as possible. Should you have any trouble with the installation, the friendly team at Lange are happy to help.

Our qualified team offers careful consultation with regard to liner material selection and full installation worldwide in any climate. Contact LCSI today for all your containment needs.